Hello from Our Founders

Kozy Specs was founded in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania during the Spring of 2019. Brothers Jake  and Kyle have been sunglass enthusiasts for a large part of their lives. Over the years, they have both accumulated several different styles, colors and brands of sunglasses. Their interest in quality sunglasses led to the design of the first Classic Kozy frame.

Kozy Specs started with the vision of providing a high quality product with exceptional customer service. In order to execute their vision, the brothers sought out the best optics and frame materials to use in their first design. After much consideration, they decided on a high gloss, durable material that would be pliable enough to fit most customer's faces comfortably. When it came to optics, the brothers wanted a leading provider of scratch resistant lenses that could accommodate almost all prescription and color variations.

With all of the specifications to consider, the brothers began thoroughly researching manufacturers who could support their vision. They quickly found that some of the best sunglass frames were made in either Italy or Japan. Both countries are known for their craftsmanship in manufacturing high quality acetate frames. After dozens of manufacturing considerations, the brothers chose a small Italian manufacturer who exceeded their quality standards and displayed a great interest in their needs. With the help from their new manufacturer, they were able to partner with Zeiss optics, the leader in optical lenses and coatings. 

With the matched drive from both Kyle and Jake they are able to execute their vision in creating a high quality product with exceptional customer service.